Argumentative Essay


I have a 5-6 pages argumentative essay need to be submitted by tomorrow.
The topic is going to be about either Smoking or Drugs. You chose one. Your eventual thesis/claim should address a controversial issue, and using a template from our book, should. 
– Take a stand on the topic.
– Explain what others say about the topic: Explain why the topic is controversial 
– State your own view on the topic in your thesis.

– Use no less than supporting claims that back up your thesis.

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Argumentative Essay
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– Use no less than 3 academic and 2 non-academic sources for evidence for your supporting claims.


Requirements of The paper:

– 5-6 pages + the work cited page. MLA form

– font: 12 Times new romans

– Clear thesis that represents the claim of your argument. 

–  Proper introductory material and page layout.

– Very few to no grammar, punctuation, mechanical errors.

– Use of templates to frame argument and to integrate sources.


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