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Keith is a 19-year-old male who is close to completing an outpatient program for the primary addiction of meth. He has been abstinent from meth for 6 months and has recently returned to college. So far he has been able to handle his course load and has not felt triggered to use meth due to the stressors of school or a want for increased energy for studies. He has been seeing a therapist since he returned to school in order to gain support around his continued abstinence from meth and prevention of relapse; and to explore family issues that arose within his drug treatment program that he feels contribute to his substance abuse. He drinks alcohol on occasion, when going out with friends on the weekends. He has been doing well in school and has been consistent in his program, school and therapy attendance. 

Which stage of change do you think Keith is in? Explain your answer. 

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APA style 1 page
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