Analysis Sheet 7 Poetry Questions


Please answer all questions for each Poem…….


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Analysis Sheet 7 Poetry Questions
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Robert Frost: “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” 

1. What are some questions about life and death that are mentioned in      the poem?

2. How does the horse seem to keep him on track?

3. How does the poem reflect calmness?

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” 

4. How is this poem a reflection of life?

5. How does nature parallel that of life in the poem?


 “Fire and Ice” p. 445

6. What is the poem reflecting?

7. Which does the author prefer and why?

“Acquainted by the Night” page 527 

8. What does Frost proclaim?

9. What might he do at night?

10. What is the tone of the poem?

Read John Donne: “Death be not proud” page 604

11. Why does Donne feel that it is not and honor to die in war?

12. What “..makes us sleep well”?

Read Walt Whitman “O Captain! My Captain! Page 653

13. What does the poem address?

14. What are they pursuing in the poem?

Read Percy Bysshe Shelley: “Ozymandias” page 646 

15. What kind of person do you think Ozymandias was?

16. What is left over the course of time?

17. What is the setting of the poem?

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