A lesson before dying- 500-750 words essay


Choose one topic from below and address your choice of topics in an essay of 500-750 words or more.  Follow essay format.  Include an Introduction, 3 supports and a short conclusion.  You will need 1 concrete detail per support, 3 total for the essay.  The study guides have great quotes for you to use.  Make sure that each paragraph has a topic sentence, has a lead-in or signal phrase for the quote(concrete detail), and includes commentary that is clear.  If you decide to write about a character, choose a different character than the one you select for the character project.


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A lesson before dying- 500-750 words essay
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  1. Write an essay in which you discuss why Grant either is or isn’t a hero. In doing this, you will have to focus on whether he is a dynamic character; this is a character that reached a new understanding or awareness of him/herself or the world they live in. 


Write a first support that shows Grant’s feelings about the South or about what he is being asked to do for Jefferson, then write a middle support that shows how he is beginning to change his view or that his old viewpoint is the same, and then write a final support that show what he thinks and feels by the end of the novel. 


In writing each of these, define whether he is being heroic in his thoughts and actions.


2.  Write an essay in which you discuss the meaning of the title of the novel.  Define the

lesson that is learned by the end of the novel by one of the characters. 


In writing this, you would need to first establish a problem(like the racism that exists in that society), then discuss how the issue is being dealt with during the middle part of the novel, and then finish with a third support that deals with the end of the novel and shows how a lesson of some kind was learned. 


You can focus this essay on Grant, Jefferson, Paul, or another character that you think is dynamic.  Remember, a dynamic character is one who learns something new about themselves or the world around them.

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