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this link above is an example about the same prompt. however the instructions and the exact prompt is in the attachment. In the link, the essays that is the same as i want you to write is under the “Life and Death Essays”.



Just to know, in Core classes (two classes in two different semesters) we have studied 6 units, which are (Origin, Education, Love, Leadership and Service, Work and Vocation, and Life and Death). 



– The attachment “Theam” is one of the sources that you have to use. It is about Origins. 

– The other source that you need to use is the film (philadelphia film) You can find some scenes in the Youtube. 

One of the clips that i suggest it to you, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHSH-NpCQOw ) or if you want you can get another clip. 


– here is the third source ( http://www.africa.upenn.edu/Articles_Gen/Letter_Birmingham.html ) for Luther King. If you don’t like one of these sources. just tell me I can find out another source from the texts that we have studied instead. 



I kinda start the paper with some sentences,, you may like it and complete with it or leave it and come up with a new one. 


The Understanding of The Human Experience as International Student

            Fear is the word that raises the percentage of failing for International students especially in such as these classes that is intensively in writing, reading, and participation.

As an international student who experienced the Core, I felt so much attached to this class, and very accustomed to such as these intensive works that improved myself intellectually and emotionally.



Thanks so much,

Good Luck 

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