7 page paper ATTACHED needs to be revised based on guidelines given below.



 1. Do I catch the reader’s interest, provide relevant background, and narrow the topic into a thesis sentence? Does the thesis encompass all of my key ideas? Can I underline the thesis to make sure that it is clearly stated? Do I need to adjust the thesis–either broaden or narrow it? 

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7 page paper ATTACHED needs to be revised based on guidelines given below.
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Have I clearly organized my paragraphs, using one main idea per paragraph? Have I included a topic sentence to introduce the main idea for each paragraph? Do I need to adjust any topic sentences in any way?

 3. Have I used transitions as links back to the thesis and to preceding paragraphs? 

4. Does my argument: • have a clear structure? (Can I easily outline it? Can someone else?) • develop in the most logical order? Would a different organization be more effective? • respond in sufficient depth to all aspects of the assignment? 

5. Do I have enough evidence, or too much? Does my evidence advance the argument in some way, without repeating the same points? Does each sub-argument have enough explanation and support (quotations, detailed discussion of events or language,…)?

 6. Do I explain in my own words the significance of all quotations? Am I using quotations to support my own analysis? Am I using the documentation method my professor requires? 

THE CONCLUSION 7. Does my conclusion bring my argument to a close? Does it tie the argument together in such a way that the reader knows my purpose in writing this paper? Does it accomplish more, such as provide a broader context for the topic, propose a course of action, offer a new perspective on the topic, or end with an interesting twist? Do I leave my reader with something to ponder?     %

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