6 Pages excluding cover page and references Need in 15 hours


 paper structure: 6 pages, bare minimum 5 sources (a source a page), only 20% of your sources can be non-academic, double spaced, 12 point font. at least 3 academic sources.
1: Academic resources

An academic resource, first and foremost, can be identified by a bibliography. Does the resource have citations? They are frequently peer-reviewed (in the case of journal articles) and are scholarly in nature. Newspaper articles are not academic resources. This includes articles from news websites. If you are uncertain about a resource, check out this guide provided by the Monash University Library:

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6 Pages excluding cover page and references Need in 15 hours
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Though don’t forget to use your judgement!

2: Class readings

Use sparingly! This is a research paper, there is an expectation that you are finding outside resources. Do not completely rely on course materials. However, a useful place to look for new resources is in the bibliographies of these readings.

3: Thesis

Begin your paper by making a strong, clear argument, and use the body of the paper to defend that argument. This will help keep your paper from running away with you so to speak, and keeps it grounded and focused.

4: Be a critical cultural relativist

Remember, recognize cultural difference, acknowledge that systems of power, oppression, and structural inequality etc. exist, however suspend judgment and try to understand/explain.

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