5 hours


Please do the followings :in 5 hours

•Three LMU SELP (Loyola Marymount University-Los Angeles-System engineering department) marketing brochures, highlight program benefits. (explained below)
•An article about your favorite restaurant (McDonalds), highlight how it got started. (explained below)

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•Turn in highlighted articles

•Take an assessment of your LMU SELP education, from the first semester to the present. Identify the schools top five quality issues that hindered your development as a graduate student and suggest how to fixing issues. Have you received the benefits found in articles? Why or why not?

•Find an item in your household that has a quality issue. Prepare a 5 min speech. Describe the item requirements, its function, physical architecture, subsystems, the quality issue, and your recommendation for fixing the issue. Present your speech.

•Visit your favorite restaurant (McDonalds). Enjoy your favorite product. Identify the product customer requirements (functional and performance). Translate the requirements into functions, and create a functional flow diagram. Identify the physical architecture and draw a physical architecture block diagram with interfaces. Translate to physical subsystems. After you consume your product, list quality issues and your recommendation for fixing the issues.

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