300 word reflection : APA STYLE


Reflect on the influence and effect of health care in your life. What questions or concerns have you developed about health care delivery in the United States? Think about your experiences in one or more of the following roles:


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300 word reflection : APA STYLE
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  • Patient/consumer
  • Friend or family member
  • Health services professional
  • Member of your local, national, and global communities


With these thoughts in mind, review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the following questions:

  • Why is health care such an important field? (Consider this question from your personal perspective, as well as from a societal perspective.)

  • What health care issues or challenges do you think are particularly significant?

  • What is it about the U.S. health care delivery system that creates or contributes to these issues/challenges?

  • What implications could these issues/challenges have for health care administrators?


  • Explain why health care is important—from your personal perspective, as well as from a societal perspective.

  • Describe and analyze one or more significant issues or challenges related to health care delivery, and explain potential implications for health care administrators.


Note: Formulate this Discussion posting as one cohesive response that integrates information related to both of the bullet points above.


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