I have 3 assignments in different courses and I do need your help on them can you do that please

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1)      The first Course 605



The assignment required below


Final Paper: Students will write an essay stating their philosophy of education related to a subject of their choice. This paper of 4 pages, (APA format, title optional) is designed to demonstrate an enhanced understanding of philosophy and it’s applicability to a particular educational problem, issue or topic. (30%)



2) The second course 608



Reflective Essay: Students will write a reflective essay regarding their personal interest and experience related to sociology and social issues. Students can use topics and concepts from the readings and discussions. The essay should be 5pages (APA format, title page optional). (10%)




3) Intervention Plan

i attached the rubric for this homework and the instructions for the assignment and also i attached  one of the students work which I want you to criticism , I need 2 pages including all the required please.



the needed from all the work will be 11-12 pages , needed after 2 days

i will pay not more than 44$ please do not ask for more




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