2000 word english essay and work cited


Writing Project #4

Research and Argumentation/Persuasion

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2000 word english essay and work cited
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Overview:  There are many problems that we face as residents of this planet.  Few, if any, have the widespread ramifications of the environmental impact that humans are having on this planet.  We typically hear about many of the different factors that lead to the environmental catastrophe that we are facing today; pollution, fossil fuels, deforestation, or overpopulation.  Though these are all concerning factors of this problematic situation, we rarely hear about another aspect of human behavior that some say is the number one cause of all of our environmental problems:  what we eat.  For this assignment, you will be asked to research the many ways that the food choices that we make are destroying our planet.  Once becoming an expert on this subject, your written task is to create an argumentative/persuasive essay in which you prove to a disbelieving reader that we need to reconsider our food choices for the betterment of the environment, as well as offer specific behavioral changes that your reader can make to help to be part of the solution.  Or, if the research articles that you encounter do not convince you, your task will be to prove that what we eat is not something that needs to change in order to protect our environment.  When deciding, let the evidence do the talking, and have the evidence shape your argument.


Writing Purpose:  To create an argument that is able to persuade your audience to take a course of action regarding the issue raised by our research and class discussion.


Audience:  General academic American audience.


Point of View:  Third person point of view


Required Guidelines:

·      This essay should be between 1500-2000 words in length

·      You must include at least five outside sources in your research.  All articles that are not from the pre-approved website MUST be submitted to your instructor, with a description of the source, prior to the article being used.

·      Your research must be from two of the different categories listed on the website

·      Major arguments that can be made by the opposing position must be both acknowledged (briefly), and refuted.  If you do not include the opposite vantage point, your argument appears to have no answer for these counterarguments.  In addition, you will not want to argue for the other side, but rather present it for the purposes of refuting it.

·      MLA format and Works Cited page

·      AXES structure for your body paragraphs


Due Dates

·      Position Proposal due Monday, July 13

·      First draft due in class on Tuesday, July 19

·      Final draft (hardcopy and Safe Assign) due on Wednesday, July 20

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