2 questions 150 words each total of 300 words


– “The Word Plum” by Chasin.


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2 questions 150 words each total of 300 words
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– “Of Night” by Peacock. 




– “Form” by Mitchell.




– “Since Feeling is First” by Cummings


Form: What is the form of the poem? How is the metaphor of a corset a good fit? List positive images of form, then negative images of form. How does the form of the poem help make her point?

The Word Plum: This poem is in open form and makes use of alliteration. As you read the poem out loud, notice the forms your mouth makes. Notice how the sounds in the second stanza spell out “plum”. What other sounds help support the overall theme? Consider the significance of the title: is the poem about the word plum or the plum itself? What is the tone of the poem? Could there be another level of this poem that has nothing to do with fruit?

Of Night: This poem is a sonnet (14 lines) but also a “ghazal,” a series of rhyming couplets with a three-syllable end rhyme. Although there isn’t a stanza break, the tone of the poem does change after the eighth line. In the octave, the night is a predator, afterwards, dreams heal and spring thaws the night. Then the poem reverts back to the “pause” of night. Consider the images one by one. What is the effect of the end rhyme scheme? Why break the final line that way? Compare to Frost’s “night” poem.

since feeling is first: To get a feel for Cummings’ work, consider his poem “l(a” on p. 565 and compare with this one. Clearly there is no set form: stanza breaks are random, and there is no rhyme scheme. However, there is a rhythm to the work. Cummings chooses line breaks, stanza breaks and punctuation carefully. Begin in the middle, with Cummings’ argument that “kisses are a better fate/ than wisdom” (lines 8-9). What images does he use to support this conflict between the head and the heart? Do you agree?


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