2 Part Essay Outline


Choose 4 significant places in the Boston Common past or present). They must connect in some way 

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2 Part Essay Outline
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Prepare a 1 to 2 page Outline of the essay based on essay topic:

From its creating as a public space, to its present life, Boston Common has witnessed historical events that have formed and shaped the history of the United States. Select particular points that correspond to some of these events and discuss how those events resulted in the present historical/political spirit of the States. 

In your outline you must have an INTRODUCTION. The Introduction must include a THESIS STATEMENT. The thesis must include the THEME that connects to 4 points/locations in Boston Common. Then you must include the METHODOLOGY (why and how those locations are connected). Finally you must include 4 TOPIC SENTENCES belonging to each paragraph.

After Intro, you must outline each paragraph. Finally, there should be a CONCLUSION. 

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